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He recommended Dr. Kestenbaum

After going to several expensive boutique eye care places in the past and coming away with frames I didn't really like and lenses that did not correct my vision properly, I asked my eye doctor for a recommendation. He recommended Dr. Kestenbaum at the Optix Family Eyecare Center. I could not have been more pleased.  I love my frames and I finally see correctly!  I have very poor eyesight and need to be fitted precisely.  I also need a place that will make sure the lenses were correctly made.  Although I spent a lot in the past for glasses, I never got great results before Optix.  I will not be going anywhere else in the future. I could not recommend Optix more highly. The staff is wonderful and they take all the time necessary to make sure each person is comfortable and satisfied and everything is perfect. An exceptional place.

- Johanna R.