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Purchasing Glasses Online

Purchasing Glasses Online

Ordering glasses online has been growing in popularity in recent due to the perception of convenience and affordability, but to provide the best vision possible it important to consider the combination of the type of lens prescription, the frame selection, and the fitting. These should be custom to the individual and require an eye care professional to achieve optimal vision. Here are a few things to consider when deciding where to purchase your next pair of glasses.

Firstly, what does a glasses prescription entail?

A standard glasses prescription contains several parts which include the sphere (sph), the cylinder (cyl) and axis, and even an “ADD” if the recommended glasses are progressives or bifocal. During your annual eye exam, your eye doctor will determine the prescription that will allow you to see clearly and comfortably in your new glasses.

The Prescription:

Everyone uses their eyes differently. During your eye exam you will let your eye doctor know what tasks you would like to be able to perform with your glasses and your eye doctor will suggest the type of glasses that will best suit the task. These suggestions may include the type of lens (single vision or progressive), lens treatments such as anti-glare coating or UV blocking, and new developments in lens technology such as blue light blocking lenses to optimize your viewing experience based on your specific visual requirements.

The Frame Selection:

Just like trying on clothes before buying, it is equally important to try on frames so you know how it looks and how it feels when you wear it.

Opticians are a great source when it comes to choosing frames because like a personal stylist, the optician will listen to your personal preferences and can help select a comfortable frame which compliments your style and the type of prescription recommended by your eye doctor.

The Fitting:

More complex prescriptions, such as those for progressive/multifocal lenses, require a more customized fitting process and is most accurate when done while the patient is wearing the new frame.

While the frame is worn, an optician will assess how the frame naturally sits on your face and will measure the pupillary distances or where you will look through the lenses in this new frame. The optician will use these measurements to position the lens appropriately in the frame so you will see clearly in your new glasses.

There are methods online which teach you how to measure the pupillary distance yourself, however these can be less accurate than the equipment and techniques used by experienced opticians. Improper measurement and fitting of glasses may result in visual distortions and reduced clarity of the new glasses.

Lastly, it is always important to consider the warranty offered by the company you decide to purchase glasses from. Parts of the glasses can become loose and go missing, or the frame and lenses may break. It is important to protect your investment on glasses with a warranty so they can be fixed without incurring too much extra expense for repair.

Our team at Optix is proud of the service we provide to our customers, and are well trained in fitting and adjusting glasses to meet our patients’ needs. If you have any issues with your glasses, the doctor and opticians will work together to determine the cause and offer adjustments to fix the problem and get you back to seeing clearly and comfortably.

Jennifer Chin, OD