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Low Power Reading Glasses

Low Power Reading Glasses

What are Low Power Reading Glasses

When was the last time you heard someone talking about low power reading glasses and were confused? Don’t worry, we are here to help you understand the same! Some people say it makes your eyes feel better, some say it increases their productivity, some say it aids in wind protection.

Simply put, we can say that these are glasses that usually have magnification levels of +0.25, +0.50, +0.75 diopters. These are not easily available on the racks at local stores. However, these are available in multiple online stores and can be custom made in various eye stores in Long Island.

When do you need Low Magnification Glasses

There are many reasons people wear these type of glasses. One of the main reasons could be that you are suffering from Computer Vision syndrome or experience eye strain, chronic dry eye or other symptoms when you use the computer for a long time. Other reason is to help people who are just starting to feel a bit of blurry vision in daily activities like reading newspapers, needlework or a computer screen, low magnification glasses are perfect to get started.

If your hesitant whether you need a reading glass, you could also quickly take a diopter test available at Readers blog. Sometimes, an eye exam also helps in determining the current status of your eyes and in bringing out any eye diseases or other health problems that might be underlying.

Reading glasses aren’t just for patients over 40. No matter your age, low power reading glasses with excellent optical quality and blue light protection can benefit patients of all ages. You should ask yourself these questions if you are still not sure:

  • Are you using the computer for the majority of your work day?
  • Maybe you are spending even more time on a computer after work hours as well?
  • Have you noticed the New York Times font size becoming smaller each year? Is it becoming difficult to read the print on medication bottles and menus?

Importance of Low Power Reading Glasses

If you said yes for any of the points above, you may benefit from glasses. It’s important to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor to find out if glasses will solve your particular problem. The optometrist will be able to correctly determine the appropriate prescription for your reading or computer glasses. For some patients, the over the counter readers will provide you with vision that is clear enough. However, many patients require a difference in prescription for each eye. In addition, many patients have astigmatism which they are unaware of. In these cases, it is best to use prescription reading glasses. Additionally, prescription lens technologies provide many benefits which regular plastic lenses do not.

Over the Counter Glasses vs Custom Made Reading Glasses

There are many reasons why custom made reading glasses are much better than over the counter or ready made glasses

  • Ready made glasses are mass produced and they are just meant to magnify the image in front of you. Custom made glasses are customized as per both your eye’s needs and will also help in eventually correcting farsightedness or astigmatism.
  • Multiple side effects like headaches, nausea and eye strain can be caused by wearing glasses that have prescriptions far off from your actual numbers. However, there are little or no problems of these when the glasses are tailor-made for you.
  • If you don’t like the style of your ready made eyeglasses you can quickly get another one. However, there is a higher cost involved in getting another custom made glass.

Custom Made Reading Glasses in Long Island

Optix offers optical quality reading glasses at an affordable price. Based on the optometrist’s prescription and recommendations, our opticians will continue to work with you to provide the best in optical technology. Ultra-clear technology is imperative for providing crisp and comfortable vision, especially while using the computer. It also helps you look your best in your glasses by eliminating unwanted glare and reflections. The work-space technology allows the patient to experience exceptional visual clarity at all distances, from 16 inches to 10 feet away – perfect for an office setting. Most importantly, blue light blocking technologies protect our eyes from high energy visible light which is emitted from smart devices. This technology is prescribed when using smart phones, iPads, computers, or even sitting in a room with fluorescent lighting. For more information on the dangers of blue light, read Dr. Kestenbaum’s most recent blog article, which was also published in Newsday.

At Optix, we offer a variety of eyeglass frames, ranging from high end designer brands to stylish yet affordable. Stop in during business hours to take a look or to Schedule an Eye Exam with our optometrists today. We look forward to seeing you and in helping you get your first personalized reading glasses!

Dr. Meghan Schiffer