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Infants Vision

Infants Vision

Time is flying and my son is already 8 months old! Feels like I was just pregnant! It’s been amazing watching him grow and learn so much in a very short period of time. Since my last post about him, he now easily grabs objections, picks them up, and even throws them. In fact, he loves to play “catch” by himself – he will throw a toy, then crawl to it, pick it up, and then throw it again! Though we avoid screen time with him, his eyes are immediately attracted to the TV or our phones when visible to him. His eyes are definitely less sensitive to the light when outdoors, and though we always put sunglasses on him, he always finds a way to pull them off his face! He’s starting to use his pointer finger and thumb to pick up very small objects/foods (like cheerios), but isn’t always successful.

At around 5 months of age, the baby is able to see small items. I found myself vacuuming almost every day as my son was attempting to pick up whatever he saw to put it in his mouth. He also started loving peek-a-boo around this time. At this age, babies start understanding that things exist even if they can’t see them (so they know we are behind the blanket when playing peek-a-boo, and are anticipating for us to pop out soon!) Depth perception also starts maturing at around 5 months, so they are about to judge if objects are near or farther away.

By 8 months of age, the baby’s vision is almost like adults in clarity, depth, and color. As they start crawling, their eye-hand coordination improves.

The last few months have been entertaining (and exhausting)! Although a lot of the baby’s vision is developed by now, be sure to regularly check our page to find out how my son will develop in the months to come!

Suchi Matalia, OD