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Eye Allergies

Sometimes they are seasonal and sometimes they are hereditary, but Eye Allergies are unavoidable! There are many ways you can try to escape them. You can install and run fresh air filters and air conditioners throughout your living space to reduce the pet dander, dust and pollen levels. You can't stay inside forever. At some point, you will still need to leave the house and go outside and even come to Plainview to Optix Family Eyecare Center for your eye exam and glasses/contacts.

What exactly is an eye allergy and does it affect me?

What can be harmful to you, may not be harmful to anyone else in the world. Your body's immune system gets sensitized to specific irritants and cause your body to react. Even worse,  your eye may react, too!  Watery itchy eyes are annoying to deal with. Allergies may also be hereditary.

How can I get relief?

Optix Family Eyecare Center has years of experience diagnosing and treating ocular allergy, and we can prescribe a number of strategies and therapies to help alleviate your painful vision. Approximately 34 million adults and children suffer from allergies, according to the World Allergy Organization, and this number is on the rise.  You might feel that you are alone and just have to deal with the pain, but we can help!