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Blue Light Protection for Your Eyes, in Plainview

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses for a Digital Lifestyle

Twelve hours per day. That’s the average amount of time that people spend on some type of media nowadays. Two hours per day of artificial blue light is all it takes to cause digital eye strain.

Blue Light hicksville nyAs digital technology permeates all parts of contemporary life, the threats posed to your eyes by blue light are increasing. At Optix Family Eyecare, we offer a variety of eyewear solutions to help keep your eyes healthy and safe! Different lens materials, designs and coatings are available to meet your needs. Specialized protective eyewear will offer relief from the irritating symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Strain, such as dry eyes, stinging or burning eyes, redness, fatigue and headaches. Visit our eye care clinic in Plainview, NY, with your current vision prescription, and we’ll show you all the protective options to block blue light hazards.

Eyezens Lenses

Eyezens are produced by Essilor, a leading company in the design and manufacture of eyeglass lenses. These groundbreaking lenses are technologically advanced, with enhanced lenses and a layered blue light filter. They soothe your vision and restore comfort to viewing all digital devices, regardless of size or the distance between your eyes and your technology.

The Smart Blue Filter blocks at least 20% of harmful blue light rays, and it has no tint or tone to obscure your natural eye and skin color. Some versions of Eyezens lenses have a slight magnification built in, which makes reading on a digital screen more relaxing for your eyes.

BluTech Eyeglass Lenses

eyeglasses hicksville nyBluTech Lenses are composed with a filter that prevents 70% of blue light from getting through to your eyes. A specialized pigment, which includes melanin, is injected into the optical lenses. In effect, eyewear with BluTech lenses gives you the same high standard of color perception and visual contrast as the crystalline lens of your natural eye.

These lenses are durable and impact-resistant, ideal for all outdoor and indoor settings. Outdoor eyeglasses serve as a barrier from damaging sun rays, and indoor eyeglasses with BluTech will protect your delicate eyes from artificial blue light, such as LED bulbs, fluorescent lighting, and digital screens. We have prescription and nonprescription versions available in our Plainview selection. In addition to offering high safety, BluTech lenses also reduce glare and ease eyestrain.

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Biofinity Energys™ Contacts Are Available At Our Eye Care Clinic in Plainview, NY

eye exam hicksville nyWith a revolutionary and exclusive design, these contact lenses are made with Digital Zone Optics™, which relaxes tired eyes. The multiple aspheric curves across the optic zone of Biofinity Energys lenses distribute power more evenly – so you can change focus between on-screen and off-screen more smoothly. The burden of visual accommodation in a digital world is removed. A unique level of visual comfort is thereby achieved.

Made for all-day wear, your eyes stay rested for hours! With Aquaform Technology, you’ll also blink less as more moisture is retained on your eyes. This helps to prevent the characteristic dry eyes associated with blue light and digital eye strain.

In our Plainview, NY, optical selection, we offer many eyeglass and contact lens options to keep your eyes safe and comfortable. There’s no need to compromise on fashion or eye health! Please come take a look for yourself how we can protect your eyes from the harmful blue light of a digital lifestyle.