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What to Expect at Your First Eye Exam at Optix Family Eyecare

phropter womanEye exams are essential for patients of all ages, and we’re happy you are choosing to visit Optix Family Eyecare. Our eye doctors and staff are committed to developing and maintaining an open, lasting relationship with every patient. We want your eye exam in Plainview, New York, to be a positive, reassuring experience. To that end, we’ve prepared an outline of exactly what you can expect from your first eye exam in our Long Island office.

Booking your appointment

To schedule an eye exam, you can either phone our office: 516-252-0725, or use our convenient online Appointment Request Form. After you submit your online request, a member of our staff will get back to you to book the date and time of your eye exam in Plainview, New York.

Upon arrival

When you first arrive, we will give you several forms to fill out. In addition to providing us with your basic contact information, we also want to know:

  • Are you having any vision or eye problems?
  • What is your eye health history?
  • Do you have any health conditions?
  • Are you currently taking any medicines?
  • What is your family eye health history? (any ocular diseases in the family)

Step by step: your Plainview, New York eye exam

  1. Our eye doctor will check your visual acuity to determine if you need prescription glasses or contact lenses. First, this is done by having you read a basic eye chart posted at a distance from your eyes. We may also use a computerized refractor to estimate your vision prescription, as well as a technique called retinoscopy, which measures refractive error by assessing the movement of light reflected by your retina. Afterwards, you will be asked to look through a phoropter, which contains wheels of different powers of lenses. You will need to provide feedback about which lenses provide the clearest vision. Altogether, these tests work to identify and fine-tune your prescription.
  2. Using a slit-lamp to magnify and illuminate the outer parts of your eye, your eye doctor will assess the cornea, iris, lens, and fluid chamber.
  3. We will assess your visual skills, such as eye mobility, tracking, visual field (to check peripheral vision), and color vision.
  4. To perform a comprehensive eye exam that inspects the health of the tissues at the back of your eye, we will insert dilating eye drops. You will need to wait about 20 minutes for these drops to take effect.
  5. We will insert numbing eye drops in order to measure intraocular pressure, which is a part of glaucoma screening. This painless test is done using tonometry, either with a puff of air or a specialized blue light.
  6. Once your pupils are dilated sufficiently, we will evaluate the back of your eye, including the retina and optic nerve. This part of your eye exam inspects for any signs of ocular disease, such as retinopathy and macular degeneration.

Depending on your age, medical history, and risk factors for developing eye disease, we may perform additional specialized testing. Your eye exam in Long Island will be custom-designed to address your unique condition and needs.

After your Plainview, New York, eye exam

In general, normal results from an eye exam include having 20/20 vision, good peripheral vision, the ability to differentiate between various colors, normal appearance of the outer eye structures, and no signs of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, or a retinal disorder.

Your eye doctor will meet with you to discuss all of your results and to recommend the most helpful treatments, as necessary.

See how your eyes and vision are doing! Book an eye exam in our Plainview, New York, office today.