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What Is LASIK Co-Management?


If, after discussing LASIK surgery with your trusted eye doctor, you decide to have the procedure, your doctor will refer you to a LASIK surgeon. The good news: your eye doctor can co-manage your case with the surgeon. Co-management ensures optimal care during and after your surgery, as well as peace of mind. Here’s an explanation of how LASIK co-management works:

What Is LASIK Co-Management?

Co-management is when your eye doctor works together with a LASIK surgeon. Your eye doctor will provide you with pre- and post-operative care while the LASIK surgeon will perform the surgery.

Who Does The LASIK Evaluation?

Both your eye doctor and your LASIK surgeon will conduct their own comprehensive eye exams. Your eye doctor’s exams will evaluate if you are a suitable candidate for LASIK and discuss the many pros and cons of refractive eye surgery. The LASIK surgeon will conduct a more in-depth examination at a pre-operative evaluation. The surgeon will examine your vision and the overall health of your eyes, and analyze the maps of your cornea, discuss the many surgical options, and provide pre- and post-operative information

Who Does The LASIK Post-Operative Care?

Your eye doctor will conduct most of your post-LASIK care. There are several factors involved in LASIK post-operative care, such as follow-up appointments with your surgeon, a recovery plan for you to follow, and specific guidelines to keep in mind, such as not to rub your eyes. Each post-operative plan is unique, as every person’s eyes are different.

Within the first 24-48 hours after your LASIK surgery, you will need to see your eye doctor so they can check on your vision and healing. Your eye doctor will also assess the need for any alterations to your recovery plan. Your follow-up appointments should continue for at least six months after surgery to ensure that recovery is going as planned.

During your recovery period let your eye doctor know if your vision seems to be getting worse or is not resolving.

If you are thinking about having LASIK surgery, your first call should be to our eye doctor. At Optix Family Eyecare in Plainview, we can answer all of your questions about LASIK surgery. Book a consultation with us today!

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