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Do Your Contact Lenses Get Stuck in Your Eyes?


Although rare, a stuck contact lens can be very uncomfortable, if not downright painful. Getting it out of your eye can also be a tricky task, leading to additional eye irritation. Why do contacts get stuck, and what’s the best way to remove them? Our Plainview eye doctor explains.

Why is my contact lens stuck?

A common reason for this problem is sleeping in your contacts, which makes them prone to drying out and sticking to your eyeball. If you do fall asleep with your lenses in, don’t try to remove them immediately upon waking. Instead, use a moisturising eye drop and rehydrate yourself with a drink of water. Once your eye gains some lubrication, the contact lens will usually loosen easily.

Dry eye syndrome is another typical reason that contacts get stuck repeatedly. Our eye doctor can diagnose this condition with a specialised eye exam. If you have dry eyes, we may recommend a different type of contact.

Is it dangerous for my contact lens to get stuck?

If you’re worried that your lens will one day get stuck behind your eyeball, have no fear. It’s not physically possible for a contact lens to slip behind the eye. Sometimes, you may not see the contact lens and conclude it’s gotten lost in your eye. When this happens, it’s likely hiding out under your upper eyelid. Pull your eyelid back slightly and use sterile saline solution to rinse it out.

Once you manage to remove your contact lens, you may still feel some residual discomfort. If the pain doesn’t go away quickly, book an emergency eye exam at our Plainview eye care centre. You could have a corneal scratch or other irritation that may require medical treatment.

How should I remove a stuck lens from my eye?

Don’t panic and try to pry out the lens. Doing that will likely cause even more discomfort. Instead, take a deep breath, wash your hands, and apply sterile saline or contact lens rewetting drops. Then close your eye and gently massage the eyelid. Shortly, you should feel the lens dislodge.

The above guidelines apply to soft contact lenses. If you wear rigid gas permeable contact lenses, avoid massaging your eyelid because it could scratch your eye surface! Instead, use a suction cup to gently pull the lens off your eye.

If you are having trouble removing your soft monthlies, dailies, or rigid gas permeable (RGP / hard) contacts with these tips, the safest thing to do is visit our Plainview optometrist for assistance.

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