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Pregnancy and Vision


There are a lot of changes happening to a pregnant woman’s body while she’s pregnant. Fluctuations in hormones and changes in fluid retention, metabolism, and blood circulation can sometimes affect the future mother’s eyes. Many women commonly feel changes in their distance vision, but usually they are very minor. It is unlikely you’ll have to change your glasses and/or contacts, as the vision change is usually temporary and will likely revert back to what it was initially after delivering the baby.

Another common ocular change that is experienced by pregnant women is dry/irritated eyes. This may continue while the mother is nursing. Most over the counter eye drops can be used during pregnancy and while nursing. Other measures that can be taken to help dry eye symptoms are reducing the use of contact lenses and taking frequent breaks while using the computer.

Lastly, if any of the following symptoms occur, make sure to seek medical attention immediately:

  • Double vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Temporary vision loss
  • Seeing spots or flashing lights
  • Extensive swelling or puffiness around your eyes.
  • Eye pain or redness

Symptoms listed above can be a sign of pre-eclampsia, which can be dangerous for the baby and mother if not treated in time.

Dr. Suchi Matalia