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Are Smart Devices Harming My Eyes?


For those of us spending multiple hours looking at smart devices and flat screen computers on a daily basis, its important to ask how these devices are affecting our eyes. Evidence has revealed that flat screen devices such as iPads, smart phones, computers, TVs, as well as LED light bulbs are emitting a harmful ‘blue light’ (a short, high-energy wavelength within the visual light spectrum). Blue light is naturally emitted by the sun and scattered throughout the atmosphere. It helps regulate our natural circadian rhythm and gives the sky its blue color.

Now we are viewing this light at a very close distance for many hours. Science has shown this is causing changes in our natural sleep patterns. It may also be putting us at risk for ocular health concerns such as development of early macular degeneration, cataracts, as well as daily eye strain and headaches.

The doctors at Optix prescribe BluTech lenses for patients using the computer for many hours of the day to alleviate eye strain and provide a protective barrier against blue light. Blutech lenses filter the high-energy blue light as well as UV light. They are also available in a darkened tint for use as polarized sunglasses. BluTech lenses are appropriate for patients of all ages, especially our pediatric and young adult population due to increasing iPad and iPhone usage.

We look forward to seeing you in 2016 for your annual eye health checkup!

Dr. Meghan Schiffer