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Voted as the “Eyecare Center For Excellence”

We are very excited to have been recently voted as the “Eyecare Center For Excellence.” Optix is building a larger and more sophisticated office to improve patient care and comfort. In the fall, we will be moving right next door and therefore have little or no interruption at all.
Our patients expect exceptional eye health and vision care examinations.   We know that in order for Optix to provide this quality of care well into the future, we have to exceed all of our patients expectations.
Optix has been serving our local communities since 1984 and will continue to do just that in our new facility. We will be expanding hours, upgrading medical technology and adding an additional examination room. In addition we will also offer comfortable couches and internet connectivity with a coffee bar and more. Our office will be very colorful and inviting. An all around stellar patient experience is our goal.