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Mission trip to the Dominican Republic

On October 9, 2014 ten doctors and approximately twenty ancillary personnel from the United States and Canada were selected to participate in a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. The doctors were selected from over 750 applicants and I was fortunate to be one of them.

This is my first mission trip and I’m very excited to be providing vision care to those in need.  We will be leaving on January 18, 2015 and are expected to help over 5000 people in four solid workdays.  Preparation and anticipation has been very exciting for me as I’ve never done a trip like this before.  My team has had video-conferences as well as many emails back-and-forth discussing the logistics.  My wife has gone shopping to get me power bars, stomach medications, suntan lotion and bug spray.  I’ve had to get injections for typhoid and hepatitis and we were told to take pills to prevent malaria.  It was highly suggested that we watch what we eat and especially what we drink.  “Don’t drink the water”.   But the excitement of helping all these people who have no access to healthcare or eye care is far greater than the excitement and anxiety that I personally am experiencing.

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